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From: laurie sicard-askey
Subject: Domination Island 4`More brew, Sweetie?' he heard Janine ask.
`Fill me up,' the voice of Serena said above him.
Then he heard her snort and chuckle, then she added: `An' den
I'll fill him up.'
The sound of female laughter went on for a long time.
This was sheer Hell.
He'd come to Hell and that's where he was being kept against his
will. And there was nothing he could do about it.
The discomfort was unbearable. Her huge penis was forcefully
opening his mouth gay teen free
to it's extreme where it was attached as if it
was a permanent fixture. The feel of her vast cock filling his
throat gave him a permanent desire to gag.
All he could smell was the strong pungent hormonal smell oozing
from her cock, filling his nostrils. He was unable to move his
head, his face secured by teen horney porn pictures leather tethers to her crutch, kneeling
before her beneath the dining table. That's all he could see; her
crutch, a bit of her cock which wasn't in his mouth, her six-pack
belly and her muscled thighs.
They'd taken a long time over the meal, enjoying chatting, hot teen porn pic
and generally humiliating him at every given opportunity.
His stomach was swollen and bloated from all her semen and
copious amounts of urine. He'd been dying for a piss himself for
over an hour and his bladder felt fit to burst. The strain on his
nervous system brought tears to his eyes from the porn teen xxx agony. But he
tried hard to hold back his tears because he knew it would only
stimulate her even more and make her excited again.
They knew that he was longing to urinate, of course. They knew he
was hurting bad and he'd teen titans robin porn tried to tell them ages ago by making
gurgling sounds, hampered by the fact her cock filled his mouth
and throat. But all she'd done was pinched his cheek by way of
patronising him and said: `Bet ya dyin' to piss, Honey, ain't backseat teen porn ya?
Bet it's hurtin' real bad, ain't it?' Then she'd giggled and
pissed down his throat some more.
Above him she slurped more brew.
`More teen porn creampie kelly pudding?' Janine teen porn up close asked her.
`Dat was lovely,' Serena told her. `But I couldn't eat annuder
ting.' She rubbed her full belly by way of appreciation.
Then he watched as her hand, with it's long carefully manicured
and bit tit teens red-varnished nails, move down from her stomach to touch the
tip of his nose. Her index finger curled to stroke his nose's
`You've had ya supper,' she said down to him, holding a handful
of teen porn up close his hair with her other hand and wrenching his head back so he
was able to see her beautiful but cruel eyes. `Now ya gonna git
ya pudding.'
She let go so his head cute teen porn dropped back down and began to fiddle with
the restraining straps which held his head to her body.
`Move back, Honey,' she commanded.
He did as he was bid and as she slowly fed out the straps he
shuffled backwards and her cock gradually slid out from down his
For a moment he became stuck as her bulbous penis-head caught
coming up round the bend of his throat. She wiggled her hips and
pushed against his chest with a foot to free it.
`Ya looks so cute like dat,' she grinned.
She stopped feeding out and re-secured the buckles. Now he had
moved back about a foot and her penis was no longer down his
throat, but her cock-head filled his mouth.
Her strong fingers toyed round his nostrils making his breathing
come in fits and bursts through fear. Then she suddenly clamped
his nostrils to prevent him from breathing. The teen porn kids illegal instant he began
to struggle her mighty cock inflated until it was rock-hard. His
mouth was stretched to it's limit, his cheeks bulging from the
intrusive invasion.
She gleefully watched his face grow increasingly redder and just
sat there enjoying the suffering she was inflicting. Her tongue
slowly ran across her lush lips, moistening them.
His wrists pulled in desperation at the constraints and
instinctively he tried to pull his head to free his mouth from
her weapon.
Now she was rock hard and began to pant as the vacuum she'd
deliberately caused compelled him to forcefully suck her expanded
balloon from the effort of trying to breathe.
She smilingly gazed transfixed at his tearful and bloodshot eyes
pleading with hers, while she allowed him the minutest amount of
air through one nostril to prevent him from passing out.
She held out for as long as she could, enjoying the sexual
tickling from her cock-nerve which increased the longer the
captivated mouth sucked and the more he suffocated. Then she gave
out a gasp and couldn't hold back any longer.
The momentary expansion of her cock's head gave way to the
ensuing rush of ejaculation and she literally exploded into his
mouth. A jettison of thick steaming spunk erupted at high speed,
spirting down his throat.
His gurgled cries only increased her enjoyment and she was so
caught up in the ecstasy of the moment her hands dropped to her
sides and her eyes looked dazed as she entered a world of
He helplessly struggled at the end of her enormous knob, enable
to break free from the pumping organ flooding his insides, with
hot spunk cascading down his trachea at each pumping ejaculation.
Dreamily, she gazed at her ensnared slave forcibly gulping down
the contents of her emptying scrotum-sacks, his head futiley
trying to wrench itself free with his harpooned mouth draining
her dry. Even when her spunk had been depleted she systematically
pinched his nostrils together and used his mouth's vacuuming
suction to experience an extended trantric sexual climax which
lasted for over an hour.
Janine, bored with not being able to participate in the sexual
activity, had already cleared the table and had done the washing
up and was now watching tv.
Finally, the intensive agony of her climax becoming unbearable,
Serena finished smother-torturing him and left his nose alone.
His near-crimson face looked close to expiration and his flared
nostrils uncontrollably wheezed in an attempt to replenish his
body's severe oxygen deprivation. His agonised snorting sounded
louder than the soap opera on television.
`Hey, bitch,' Janine called over, `I can't hear what they're
`Keep ya noise down!' Serena chided him.
She tried but was unable to extract his mouth from her even-more
swollen cock-head. And because of all the sex she'd had her prick
was still rock-hard and was too big to be able to push back down
his throat.
`Can't you shut him up?' Janine asked, moody for being excluded
from having sex.
`Is she seeing him again?' Serena asked, focusing on the tv soap
opera program.
`She broke up with him an' now they're secretly seeing each
other,' Janine replied.
Serena unsuccessfully pushed and shoved his head to get her penis
out of his gob-stoppered mouth.
`Give me a hand, Sweetie,' Serena said.
Janine gave her a look.
`An' why should I?' Janine asked.
`Cos you're my friend, bitch,' Serena replied.
`I've cooked for you, cleaned for you, an now you want me to help
you with what?' Janine whined.
`Okay, you can use him if ya wants to,' Serena said. `But ya have
to get him off ma cock first.'
Janine came across and moved the table away to give her a clear
passage to assist. She held his head in a half-nelson and pulled.
`Ohh,' Serena cried. `Don't pull ma cock off!'
They both first pulled but her penis was firmly wedged in his
over-stretched mouth, her cock-head caught by his inability to
open his mouth any more. Then they both pushed but Serena's
bloated knob-head was unable to pass down his throat. His
breathing had earlier returned to quieter snortings but was now
rapidly quickening due to all the vigorousness.
`I've got an idea,' Janine cried.
`What?' Serena asked.
Janine smiled as she held up an ice cube.
`What ya gonna do wid dat?' Serena asked.
Janine grinned and rubbed the cube along her friend's penis
nearest to his mouth.
`Ahh, dat's cold!' Serena exclaimed.
`Haha, serves you right for being greedy,' Janine laughed.
The coldness of the cube being massaged along her girlfriend's
shaft sweet teen porn action gradually worked and Serena's cock began to deflate from
it's over-swollen state enough to pull it with a `plop' out from
his impinged mouth.
He collapsed on his knees, his eyes glazed and his mouth opening
like a goldfish's. Hurriedly Janine unshackled him from her
friend's body.
Serena herself appeared sated, lounging anima teen porn back in a blissful state.
`Can I have him now?' Janine eargerly asked. She hoped her duties
had earned her enough gratitude from her best friend.
`Okay, Sweetie, but I may interfere later,' Serena admitted,
settling down in front of the tv.
Janine grinned as she dragged their sex-slave out of the room and
into the bedroom. She'd waited a long time to be able to use a
slave like this, and he did have such a cute face and butt. His
ass was going to be very sore be the time she'd finished with
him. Then she'd skull-fuck him for the rest of the night.
She pulled him up onto the bed, already with an erection just at
the thought of what she was going to do with him.
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